Market Update 18/10/2021

October 18, 2021


Last Wednesday’s strong CPI report, which showed a headline inflation of 5.4% (Core at 4%), keeps adding pressure to the “transitory” narrative and practically confirming the taper announcement by the Federal Reserve in next month’s meeting. EURUSD closed last week trading around the 1.1600 level after having found a new support around the 1.1540 area (minimum since July 2020). If the pair overcame the “psychological” figure, the next target level would be around 1.1685, which has worked as a support level for the pair since October 2020 and was only broken at the end of last September.



Currency Heatmap

The Currency Heatmap shows how the New Zealand Dollar keeps outperforming the rest of its major peers, with the Australian Dollar and the Canadian Dollar being the next in line. On the other side of the spectrum, we can find the Swiss Franc as the relatively weakest on the panel, followed with the Sterling which holds relatively stronger only against the Franc.




Gold finished last week roughly 0.6% up after last Friday’s selloff that pushed the price down over 1.5%. The price stopped around the USD/oz 1,767 level, which has been serving as the upper end of the price range within the precious metal had been trading for a month. If the price consolidated over this level, the next target price would be around the key level of USD/oz 1,800.




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After peaking above 2,408 points, Volatility is experiencing a significant reduction in comparison to last week, currently standing around 2,208 points.


Stocks to Watch

Earnings:Below are the stocks to monitor for the rest of the week will announce their earnings.

Monday, October 18, 2021
Country Stock EPS Forecast Revenue Forecast Market Cap. Time
US State Street   1.92   2.96B 35.49B Before Market Open
US Steel Dynamics   4.62   4.95B 12.96B After Market Close
US Zions   1.36   707.41M 9.9B After Market Close
US FB Financial   0.8124   137.85M 2.14B After Market Close
Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Country Stock EPS Forecast Revenue Forecast Market Cap. Time
US J&J   2.36   23.66B 431.38B Before Market Open
US Procter&Gamble   1.59   19.79B 340.38B Before Market Open
US Netflix   2.57   7.48B 282.82B After Market Close
US Philip Morris   1.56   7.92B 149.29B Before Market Open
US Intuitive Surgical   1.17   1.39B 120.05B --
US Canadian National Railway   1.41   3.51B 87.89B After Market Close
US America Movil ADR   6.43   245.52B 58.91B After Market Close
US Bank of NY Mellon   1.01   3.95B 49.76B Before Market Open
US Travelers   1.91   8.15B 38.77B Before Market Open
US Fifth Third   0.9112   1.99B 30.34B Before Market Open
US Synchrony Financial   1.51   2.52B 29.83B Before Market Open
US Kansas City Southern   2.09   729.46M 27.07B Before Market Open
US Dover   1.85   2B 24.18B Before Market Open
US Halliburton   0.2765   3.9B 23.24B Before Market Open
US Signature Bank   3.7   513.4M 17.78B Before Market Open
US Omnicom   1.37   3.46B 16.4B After Market Close
US United Airlines Holdings   -1.51   7.56B 14.96B After Market Close
US Synovus   1.07   488.52M 7.03B Before Market Open
US ManpowerGroup   1.91   5.31B 5.75B Before Market Open
US Brinker   0.7413   874.6M 2.22B After Market Close
UK Bellway   167.00   1,457M 365.92M Before Market Open
Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Country Stock EPS Forecast Revenue Forecast Market Cap. Time
US Tesla   1.52   13.57B 855.64B After Market Close
US ASML ADR   4.61   6.19B 325.68B Before Market Open
US Verizon   1.36   33.32B 216.74B Before Market Open
US Abbott Labs   0.9442   9.55B 211.57B Before Market Open
US NextEra Energy   0.7258   5.38B 160.92B Before Market Open
US IBM   2.53   17.78B 127.26B --
US Anthem   6.39   35.35B 96B Before Market Open
US Lam Research   8.23   4.32B 80.37B --
US CSX   0.378   3.07B 76.8B After Market Close
US Crown Castle   0.7687   1.61B 74.72B After Market Close
US Kinder Morgan   0.2353   3.24B 41.82B --
US Biogen   4.12   2.67B 39.96B Before Market Open
US Discover   3.49   2.89B 39.28B After Market Close
US PPG Industries   1.59   4.26B 37.73B After Market Close
US Nasdaq Inc   1.71   833.05M 34.92B Before Market Open
US Equifax   1.73   1.18B 33.28B After Market Close
US Las Vegas Sands   -0.1795   1.23B 30.79B After Market Close
US United Rentals   6.82   2.58B 25.59B --
US Northern Trust   1.67   1.61B 25.3B Before Market Open
US Baker Hughes   0.2138   5.33B 22.26B Before Market Open
US Citizens Financial Group Inc   1.15   1.64B 20.92B --
US M&T Bank   3.5   1.48B 19.51B Before Market Open
US MarketAxesss   1.46   164.27M 15.63B Before Market Open
US Comerica   1.64   733.67M 11.25B --
US Globe Life   1.9   1.27B 9.92B After Market Close
US First Horizon National   0.3517   745.18M 9.35B Before Market Open
US SEI   0.955   483.02M 8.81B After Market Close
US Knight Transportation   1.06   1.51B 8.42B Before Market Open
US First Industrial RT   0.2198   118.4M 7.37B After Market Close
US Tenet Healthcare   1.03   4.8B 6.9B After Market Close
US Popular   2.24   649.16M 6.47B Before Market Open
US Landstar   2.48   1.64B 6.37B After Market Close
US Sterling Bancorp   0.515   250.58M 5.03B After Market Close
US MSC Industrial Direct   1.27   838.86M 4.78B --
US Ufp Industries   1.55   1.82B 4.6B --
US Umpquas   0.4389   311.44M 4.51B After Market Close
US TechnipFMC   0.0158   1.7B 1.77B After Market Close
Thursday, October 21, 2021
Country Stock EPS Forecast Revenue Forecast Market Cap. Time
US PayPal Holdings Inc   1.07   6.24B 319.26B --
US Intel   1.11   18.24B 223.99B After Market Close
US Danaher   2.14   7B 220.22B Before Market Open
US AT&T   0.7839   41.67B 182.71B Before Market Open
US SAP ADR   1.7   7.9B 171.32B --
US Union Pacific   2.49   5.43B 147.22B Before Market Open
US Snap   -0.0975   1.1B 121.59B After Market Close
UK Unilever   --   13.28B 97.35B Before Market Open
US Marsh McLennan   0.9974   4.42B 83.42B Before Market Open
US ABB ADR   0.374   7.38B 69.31B Before Market Open
US Freeport-McMoran   0.8161   6.21B 57.03B --
US Chipotle Mexican Grill   6.3   1.94B 51.73B After Market Close
US SVB   5.53   1.32B 41.06B After Market Close
UK Barclays   0.0671   5.36B 33.55B Before Market Open
US Valero Energy   0.8593   24.85B 32.77B --
US Nucor   6.93   10.15B 30.34B Before Market Open
US Southwest Airlines   -0.2703   4.58B 29.22B --
US Tractor Supply   1.65   2.85B 23.27B Before Market Open
US KeyCorp   0.5649   1.75B 22.19B Before Market Open
US Genuine Parts   1.64   4.68B 18.3B --
US Celanese   4.73   2.13B 18.29B After Market Close
US NVR   91.55   2.36B 18.02B --
US Quest Diagnostics   2.71   2.43B 17.8B Before Market Open
US IPG   0.4878   2.17B 15.06B Before Market Open
US WR Berkley   0.9517   2.03B 13.75B After Market Close
US Whirlpool   6.11   5.78B 12.89B After Market Close
US American Airlines   -1.09   8.83B 12.64B --
US Snap-On   3.37   1.02B 12.16B Before Market Open
US Allegion PLC   1.3   724.87M 12.08B Before Market Open
US Robert Half   1.4   1.65B 12.04B After Market Close
US East West Bancorp   1.51   459.13M 11.96B Before Market Open
US Carlisle   2.75   1.26B 11.2B After Market Close
US AutoNation   4.16   6.39B 8.27B --
US Olin   1.98   2.36B 8.13B After Market Close
US First American   1.82   2.03B 8.03B Before Market Open
US People’s United   0.335   479.73M 7.51B After Market Close
US Alaska Air   1.09   1.89B 7.13B --
US Chart Industries   0.8481   347.33M 6.63B --
US Sonoco Products   0.8973   1.37B 5.99B Before Market Open
US Bank Ozk   0.9666   266.46M 5.79B After Market Close
US Alliance Data Systems   3.48   1.09B 5.02B --
US Pacific Premier   0.8233   188.88M 3.96B Before Market Open
US Trinity Industries   0.176   453.98M 2.85B Before Market Open
US Score Media and Gaming   -0.1924   7.26M 2.02B --
Friday, October 22, 2021
Country Stock EPS Forecast Revenue Forecast Market Cap. Time
US Honeywell   1.99   8.65B 153.12B Before Market Open
US American Express   1.77   10.54B 140.86B Before Market Open
US HCA   3.96   14.52B 79.61B Before Market Open
US Roper Technologies   3.83   1.61B 49.98B Before Market Open
US Schlumberger   0.3563   5.94B 48.3B Before Market Open
US VF   1.15   3.5B 28.86B Before Market Open
US Ventas   0.0488   914.66M 21.99B --
US Regions Financial   0.5259   1.56B 21.54B Before Market Open
US Royal Caribbean Cruises   -4.13   612.15M 21.51B --
US Seagate   2.21   3.11B 18.33B Before Market Open
US InterContinental ADR   0.2033   -- 12.61B Before Market Open
US Cleveland-Cliffs   2.21   5.69B 10.5B Before Market Open
UK InterContinental   0.2033   -- 9.14B Before Market Open
US Gentex   0.4013   445.43M 8.72B Before Market Open
US Autoliv   0.8197   1.89B 8.26B Before Market Open
US Boston Beer   4.26   531.88M 6.22B After Market Close
US Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co   0.2353   4.86B 5.36B --
US Altra   0.824   473.4M 3.63B Before Market Open
US Salisbury   1.5   11.8M 148.13M --


Dividends:The following stocks will be paying dividends over this week.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Country Stock  Ex-Dividend Date  Dividend Currency Type Yield
US Lowe’s 44488 0.8 USD Quarterly 1.45%
US Reaves Utility 44488 0.19 USD Monthly 6.83%
Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Country Stock  Ex-Dividend Date  Dividend Currency Type Yield
US Colgate-Palmolive 44489 0.45 USD Quarterly 2.39%
US LTC Properties 44489 0.19 USD Monthly 6.54%
Thursday, October 21, 2021
Country Stock  Ex-Dividend Date  Dividend Currency Type Yield
US Aberdeen Income Credit Strategies Fund 44490 0.1 USD Monthly 10.67%
US APA Corp 44490 0.0625 USD Quarterly 0.93%
US Cervecerias ADR 44490 0.52295 USD Biannually 6.39%
US Cracker Barrel Old 44490 1.3 USD Quarterly 3.82%
US CVS Health Corp 44490 0.5 USD Quarterly 2.37%
US ETV New York MBF 44490 0.0378 USD Monthly 3.65%
US Gladstone Land 44490 0.1356 USD Quarterly 2.33%
US Owens Corning 44490 0.26 USD Quarterly 1.13%
US Patterson 44490 0.26 USD Quarterly 3.27%
US Pentair 44490 0.2 USD Quarterly 1.10%
US PerkinElmer 44490 0.07 USD Quarterly 0.16%
US Procter&Gamble 44490 0.8698 USD Quarterly 2.44%
US Putnam Municipal Opportunit Trust 44490 0.0531 USD Monthly 4.63%
UK PZ Cussons 44490 6.09 GBP Trailing Twelve Months 2.77%
UK Smiths Group 44490 37.7 GBP Trailing Twelve Months 2.69%
US Thor Industries 44490 0.43 USD Quarterly 1.57%
US Williams-Sonoma 44490 0.71 USD Quarterly 1.53%
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