Sheer Markets launches Portfolio Management

September 9, 2021

We are delighted to announce the release of an internally managed, fully branded Portfolio Management offering, Sheer Strategies, to complement our comprehensive and competitive execution and trading services.

Through dedicated teamwork, innovation and industry experience, the Sheer Markets philosophy is to work with investors to deliver an ongoing diversified Portfolio Management approach in this ever-changing investment climate, that will help preserve and grow investors' wealth over the long-term.

Understanding the importance of tailor-made solutions is the overarching principle behind Sheer Markets Portfolio Management, which is a unique offering based on an investor’s circumstances, returns objectives, and risk appetite. As a Portfolio Management client, a team of assigned specialists will provide high-level, reliable, and up-to-date advice to support to the complex planning and management of an effective investment strategy.

The launching of Sheer Strategies, a selective number of institutional-grade managed-account investments made available to retail clients, is the first step into this full suite of Portfolio Management products.

Sheer Markets CEO, Howard Carr, commented:

"The Sheer Markets brand is synonymous with integrity, experience, innovation and market access equality. Through our comprehensive suite of NDF execution services we are already providing trading products to retail investors that were previously only available to wholesale clients, and in the same vein, our Portfolio Management offering will make institutional ranking investments available to a much lower threshold of investor entry at just €2,500. Our initial five professionally managed programs under the Sheer Strategies banner will facilitate a range of FX and Cryptocurrency systematic trading techniques across a selection of proprietary risk parameters, thus enabling retail and institutional investors to take advantage of leverage and determine their own investment goals in achieving diversification, uncorrelated returns and investment alpha.”

Sheer Markets uses a proprietary classification schedule to determine the risk of each investment approach, and the five investment strategies initially available to EU domiciled clients are as follows:

Sheer Strategy Nova: Systematic FX only. Trading G7 currencies and crosses, short term in nature with a average holding period for positions of 10 hours. Medium to high risk.

Sheer Strategy Orion: Systematic FX only. Trading G10 currencies and crosses, short term approach seeking momentum and mean reversion opportunities with an average holding period for positions of 14 hours. Low to medium risk.

Sheer Strategy Jupiter: Systematic FX only. Trading G10 currencies, short-term using seasonality patterns and mean reversion structures with an average holding period for positions of 7 hours. Low to medium risk.

Sheer Strategy Neptune: Systematic Cryptocurrency. Trades only BTC, both long and short. Leverage is not used, and the strategy has a long bias with an average holding period for positions of 4 days. Medium to high risk.

Sheer Strategy Mercury: Systematic FX only. Trading 11 currency pairs using a short-medium trend/momentum approach with an average holding period for positions of 20 days. Low to medium risk.

Sheer Markets CEO, Howard Carr continues:

“What sets apart the Sheer Markets Portfolio Management offering from many of our peers is that all trading and investment management decisions are made internally, and along with a very competitive and transparent fee structure, this ensures the management and operation of our Sheer Strategies branded products are fully aligned to the investor. Sheer Markets actively collaborates with clients, and our sophisticated investment strategies and Portfolio Management offerings are available to a wide group of private investors with differing levels of market comprehension, not only the wholesale sectors.”           

By internalising the operations, management, and decision-making of Portfolio Management, and by lowering significantly the barrier of entry to institutional category products, retail investors are able to benefit from investment access equality and investment accountability.

For more information on the Portfolio Management Service and the Sheer Strategies, click here.