Forex Report 31/01/2022

January 31, 2022

Forex Currencies Report 31/01/2022



The dollar held most of last week's gains on Monday but hung just off 18-month highs against major currencies as ebbing market turbulence took some of the bid out of safe-haven assets. The EURUSD is looking to go into the weekend with the bearish bias intact. Looking at the chart, the pair fell below the low from 2021 (from November) during Thursday's trade at 1.11853. The corrective moves off the low today at 1.1207 could only extend to a high of 1.1173 before rotating back to the downside. The current price trades at 1.11413.



US Dollar Index

The dollar index, which measures the greenback against six major peers was at 97.205, just below Friday’s 18-month top of 97.441. While Fed Chairman Jerome Powell threw fuel on the fire on Jan. 26, it’s no surprise that the USD Index has rallied to new highs. For example, while dollar bears feasted on false narratives in 2021, I was a lonely bull forecasting higher index values. Likewise, after more doubts emerged in 2022, the death of the dollar narrative resurfaced once again.


USDJPY backs off

The USDJPY moved higher in the Asian session, and then into the London session, but ran into the next upside target area between 115.616 and 115.671. The high price reached 115.681 and started to find more selling interest. The price has backed off after the US data today giving the sellers some relief. The fall from the high moved down toward 115.241. That level is the 61.8% retracement of the January 2022 trading range. That level held support and the price is currently trading at 115.43.




GBPUSD higher

GBPUSD this week fell below the 100-day MA on Monday and stayed below on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday the price continued the move lower and pushed below the 50% midpoint of the move up from 2021 low reached in November at 1.34533 (see daily chart above). The pairs low yesterday reached 1.33574. That was 5 pips off the low of a swing area between 1.33524 and 1.33757. Today the low was also in that swing area, but above the low from yesterday at 1.33645. The price has pushed higher. That is the good news for the dip buyers.





AUDUSD is probably the most-daunting chart out there, particularly if you're bullish on the outlook for global growth and the risk trade. On Friday it fell to the lowest since July 2020, breaking two major lows and the neckline of a head-and-shoulders pattern. That break targets levels below the bottom of this chart: Today though, the bulls are making a bit of a stand. AUD/USD is up 25 pips to 0.7011 which looks like a stay of execution on that chart more than a real bounce, at least for now. There's reason for hope though, especially with the rally in US equities late on Friday and the peace at least so far in Ukraine. The pair is also oversold by almost any metric so there's some scope for a bounce here.





The NZDUSD is working on the 7th consecutive day to the downside and 9 of the last 11 days. The close from yesterday was at 0.6594. The current price is at 0.6546 so notching the 7th day lower is looking good. Since the high on January 13, the price has moved 361 pips to the downside in 11 trading days. Looking at the daily chart, the price is entered an area where a few swing lows and swing highs were made between June 2020 and November 2020 (the last time the price was this low). That area comes between 0.6488 and 0.6588. The low price today reached 0.6532 - between those extremes. If there is to be some dip buying, this area should give traders some cause for pause. However, apart from buying closer to 0.6488, I would need a little more confidence from shorter-term technicals.




Stock To Watch as Earnings Season Begins

Earnings Next Week 31st January – 4th of February

Monday, January 31, 2022
Country Stock EPS Forecast Revenue Forecast Market Cap.
US NXP    3.01   3B 52.38B
US Alexandria RE    0.5314   547.87M 30.31B
UK Ryanair    -0.0797   1.51B 16.33B
US Tata Motors ADR    0.2364   10.02B 12.71B
US Credit Acceptance    12.69   459.36M 8.04B
US AGNC Invest    0.6771   292.55M 7.81B
US Woodward    0.815   595.16M 6.90B
US Affiliated Managers    5.81   626.11M 5.73B
Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Country Stock EPS Forecast Revenue Forecast Market Cap.
US Alphabet C    27.7   72.08B 1.72T
US Exxon Mobil    1.89   85.01B 314.00B
US PayPal Holdings Inc    1.12   6.9B 184.44B
US United Parcel Service    3.09   27.05B 172.96B
US AMD    0.7599   4.52B 133.69B
US Starbucks    0.7968   8B 112.13B
US Gilead    1.55   6.53B 84.47B
US Chubb    3.29   8.87B 83.63B
US General Motors    1.09   35.12B 76.00B
US Electronic Arts    3.21   2.66B 36.76B
US Equity Residential    0.2497   633.9M 33.90B
US Match Group    0.5878   820.11M 31.19B
US Stanley Black Decker    2.05   4.47B 28.54B
US Sirius XM    0.0703   2.24B 23.92B
US PerkinElmer    2.2   1.29B 21.01B
IT CNH Industrial NV    0.2068   7.81B 20.56B
US Waters    3.49   820.83M 18.83B
US Broadridge    0.8243   1.2B 17.80B
US Catalent Inc    0.8343   1.15B 16.79B
US IDEX    1.58   708.48M 16.10B
US Franklin Resources    0.8843   1.63B 15.95B
US Bio-Techne    1.79   266.44M 14.30B
US PulteGroup    2.31   4.2B 12.93B
US Pentair    0.8524   943.47M 10.32B
US Lennox    2   955.35M 10.07B
US Amdocs    1.18   1.1B 9.26B
US Scotts Miracle-Gro    -0.6669   568.83M 8.19B
US ManpowerGroup    2.02   5.35B 5.57B
US Ashland Global    0.8938   519.69M 5.43B
US Unum    0.8491   2.99B 5.37B
US MicroStrategy    -1.53   133.2M 3.76B
US MDC    2.49   1.54B 3.32B
NL Artisan Partners AM    1.28   314.94M 3.28B
US Helmerich Payne    -0.4996   391.76M 3.03B
US O-I Glass    0.3304   1.52B 2.02B
US Pitney Bowes    0.108   962.98M 1.02B
Wednesday, February 2, 2022
Country Stock EPS Forecast Revenue Forecast Market Cap.
US Meta Platforms    3.85   33.35B 818.28B
US Alibaba ADR    16.32   248.86B 307.34B
US AbbVie    3.27   14.92B 237.27B
US Thermo Fisher Scientific    4.88   8.75B 221.81B
US Novo Nordisk ADR    0.7135   5.77B 213.48B
US Qualcomm    3   10.43B 187.04B
US T-Mobile US    0.1277   21.06B 130.18B
US Waste Management    1.26   4.62B 61.89B
FR Santander ADR    0.1183   13.28B 61.49B
US Boston Scientific    0.4386   3.11B 61.33B
US MetLife    1.47   17.27B 55.57B
US Emerson    0.9899   4.47B 53.89B
US Humana    1.16   21.22B 48.47B
UK Vodafone Group ADR    --   -- 45.10B
US Roper Technologies    3.67   1.5B 45.02B
US Marathon Petroleum    0.5662   21.85B 43.69B
US Cognizant A    1.04   4.78B 42.98B
US Ferrari NV    1.22   1.35B 41.55B
US Aflac    1.26   5.24B 41.12B
US IDEXX Labs    1.72   781.83M 39.56B
US McKesson    5.41   66.44B 37.71B
US eBay    0.9992   2.61B 36.13B
US Align    2.77   1.02B 36.06B
UK Vodafone Group PLC    --   9,278M 33.65B
US Old Dominion Freight Line    2.26   1.38B 33.59B
US AvalonBay    0.9983   598.68M 33.55B
US Spotify Tech    -0.5114   2.65B 33.48B
US DR Horton    2.79   6.68B 30.58B
US AmerisourceBergen    2.57   59.58B 27.17B
US Mid-America Apartment    0.85   459.71M 23.59B
US Essex Property    1.08   368.34M 22.09B
US Royal Caribbean Cruises    -3.9   1.03B 20.65B
US CGI Inc    1.15   2.47B 19.60B
US Hologic    1.26   1.16B 17.14B
US Avery Dennison    2.13   2.13B 16.17B
US Qorvo Inc    2.76   1.11B 14.73B
US CH Robinson    1.85   6.22B 13.29B
US Lincoln National    1.92   4.71B 12.58B
US Fortune Brands    1.29   1.92B 12.49B
US IAC/InterActiveCorp    -0.407   960.44M 11.52B
US Globe Life    1.76   1.28B 10.37B
US UGI    1.25   2.21B 9.35B
US Capri Holdings    1.69   1.47B 8.23B
US Omega Healthcare    0.48   235.11M 7.36B
UK Severn Trent    --   -- 7.24B
US Royal Gold    0.938   171.36M 6.67B
US NewYork Times    0.345   579.21M 6.30B
UK Evercore    4.49   871.99M 5.23B
US The Hanover Insurance    2.47   1.2B 4.78B
US Spirit Aerosystems    -0.6458   1.08B 4.55B
US MaxLinear    0.8375   244.75M 4.49B
US Veoneer    -0.7303   445.33M 3.91B
US Brinker    0.5231   928.49M 1.53B
US Tupperware Brands    0.5446   413.2M 703.88M
Thursday, February 3, 2022
Country Stock EPS Forecast Revenue Forecast Market Cap.
US    3.73   137.8B 1.41T
US Eli Lilly    2.43   7.58B 215.64B
US Merck&Co    1.54   13.13B 199.90B
NL Royal Dutch Shell ADR    1.4   70.34B 196.12B
UK Royal Dutch Shell B ADR    1.4   70.34B 196.12B
UK Royal Dutch Shell B    0.5159   51.62B 146.33B
US Honeywell    2.08   8.74B 138.13B
US ConocoPhillips    2.17   13.72B 114.83B
US Estee Lauder    2.64 105.31B
US Ford Motor    0.4298   41.23B 79.57B
US Cigna    4.72   43.92B 77.56B
US Illinois Tool Works    1.89   3.53B 73.14B
US Becton Dickinson    2.85   4.76B 72.37B
US ICE    1.32   1.83B 68.82B
SE ABB ADR    0.392   7.46B 68.16B
US Activision Blizzard    1.32   2.84B 61.37B
FR ING ADR    0.3138   5.06B 56.20B
US Southern Copper    1.14   2.56B 49.95B
US Snap    -0.093   1.2B 46.09B
US Fortinet    1.15   960.23M 44.33B
ES BBVA ADR    0.1637   5.78B 42.59B
US Prudential Financial    2.36   14.55B 42.25B
US Microchip    1.17   1.75B 41.28B
US Suncor Energy    0.8237   8.73B 40.59B
US Parker-Hannifin    3.91   3.71B 40.34B
US Hershey Co    1.61   2.26B 39.99B
US DuPont De Nemours    0.9939   4.03B 39.76B
US Motorola    2.74   2.33B 38.43B
US Aptiv    0.54   3.86B 36.59B
US Allstate    2.76   10.07B 34.49B
US Corteva    0.0918   3.46B 33.54B
US Cummins    3.17   5.79B 32.30B
US Biogen    3.34   2.62B 32.28B
US Ametek    1.3   1.47B 30.82B
UK Compass    --   5.55B 29.70B
US WEC Energy    0.6764   1.73B 29.69B
US Unity Software    -0.0681   294.66M 29.08B
US Fortive    0.7788   1.44B 24.97B
US WW Grainger    5.23   3.27B 24.78B
US Hartford    1.52   5.13B 23.90B
US Skyworks    3.1   1.5B 23.49B
US Clorox    0.84   1.66B 20.24B
US Xylem    0.6164   1.31B 18.50B
US CMS Energy    0.4305   1.74B 18.06B
US Quest Diagnostics    3.08   2.6B 16.61B
US Camden Property    0.4792   304M 16.05B
US Check Point Software    2.14   585.8M 15.55B
US NortonLifeLock Inc    0.436   701.68M 14.74B
US Cardinal Health    1.26   45.6B 14.31B
US News Corp    0.2668   2.62B 12.53B
US News Corp A    0.2668   2.62B 12.42B
US WestRock Co    0.6357   4.95B 11.41B
US Snap-On    3.61   1.1B 11.17B
US Arrow Electronics    4.44   8.92B 8.34B
US Deckers Outdoor    8.12   1.18B 8.19B
US Ralph Lauren A    2.18   1.64B 7.79B
US Reinsurance of America    0.8347   4.09B 7.65B
US Synaptics    3.1   405.06M 7.52B
US Penn National Gaming    0.5139   1.51B 7.35B
US Post    0.4322   1.64B 6.63B
US Nov    -0.0285   1.46B 6.46B
US Ingredion    1.34   1.75B 6.27B
US Hanesbrands    0.437   1.75B 5.44B
US Mimecast Ltd    0.3438   150.21M 5.30B
US Timken    0.907   982.58M 5.15B
US CDK Global Holdings LLC    0.64   434.6M 4.95B
US Exponent    0.3467   100.37M 4.87B
US Maximus    0.7825   1.1B 4.67B
US Walker&Dunlop    2.27   347.7M 4.10B
US The Hain Celestial    0.3403   482.11M 3.31B
US Werner    0.9598   727.24M 2.90B
DE Minerals Technologies    1.21   488.9M 2.32B
US GoPro Inc    0.3518   382.31M 1.32B
US Triumph    0.2087   371.34M 1.21B
US Apartment Invest    0.00   204.37M 1.03B
Friday, February 4, 2022
Country Stock EPS Forecast Revenue Forecast Market Cap.
US Regeneron Pharma    19.68   4.42B 63.28B
US Eaton    1.72   4.91B 63.07B
US Air Products    2.52   2.73B 61.28B
US Aon    3.32   3.15B 58.98B
US Honda Motor ADR    0.7581   31.96B 49.09B
US Cboe Global    1.53   389.14M 12.24B
US DXC Technology    0.9142   4.1B 7.40B
US AutoNation    4.94   6.43B 7.04B
US Adient    -0.2556   3.25B 4.09B
US GrafTech    0.4316   355M 2.63B

Dividends Next Week 31st January – 4th of February


Monday, January 31, 2022
Country Stock  Ex-Dividend Date  Dividend Currency Yield
US Aon  31/01/2022 0.51 USD 0.01
US Bank of Montreal  31/01/2022 1.33 USD 0.04
US Caseys  31/01/2022 0.35 USD 0.01
US Hasbro  31/01/2022 0.68 USD 0.03
US NRG  31/01/2022 0.35 USD 0.04
US People’s United  31/01/2022 0.18 USD 0.04
US Pinnacle West  31/01/2022 0.85 USD 0.05
US Realty Income  31/01/2022 0.25 USD 0.04
Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Country Stock  Ex-Dividend Date  Dividend Currency Yield
US Fastenal  01/02/2022 0.31 USD 0.02
Wednesday, February 2, 2022
Country Stock  Ex-Dividend Date  Dividend Currency Yield
US AptarGroup  02/02/2022 0.38 USD 0.01
US KB Home  02/02/2022 0.15 USD 0.01
US Valero Energy  02/02/2022 0.98 USD 0.05
Thursday, February 3, 2022
Country Stock  Ex-Dividend Date  Dividend Currency Yield
US American Campus  03/02/2022 0.47 USD 0.04
US Costco  03/02/2022 0.79 USD 0.01
US JB Hunt  03/02/2022 0.40 USD 0.01
US Pacific Premier  03/02/2022 0.33 USD 0.03
Friday, February 4, 2022
Country Stock  Ex-Dividend Date  Dividend Currency Yield
US Citigroup  04/02/2022 0.51 USD 0.03
US FirstEnergy  04/02/2022 0.39 USD 0.04
UK PetMed Express  04/02/2022 0.30 GBP 0.05
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